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Letter: Thanks for help reclaiming family pet


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I would like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to Jim Burress, city councilor Jason Perry and the staff at Roswell Animal Services. Last week we noticed our family cat was missing for several days, so we decided to check with Roswell Animal Services. The first time we went there we were not allowed to go back and look at the cages where the cats where held, because of restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At that time we did not realize our cat was indeed being held there, so we left without being able to get him “bailed out”

When we went down a week later, to check again, it was realized that he was there and now someone else was trying to adopt him. I would like to say that it’s a great thing for people to want to adopt an animal and be a responsible pet owner.

To make a long story short, Jim Burress worked several hours with Jason Perry and with the staff at Roswell Animal Services to find a solution to our problem. By the end of the day we were able to go down and get our family pet back.

Roswell needs to know that they have very good, hard-working people. People like Jim Burress, that will do whatever it takes to find sensible solutions to a problem.

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Some might think this problem is too petty to mess with, but when that problem is mine or yours it is very real, and important. Again, thank you, Mr. Jim Burress.

Rodney B. Adams