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Kyle Alsup’s thoughts


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Sports Editor’s Note: For the main story on Kyle Alsup, see the story “Kyle Alsup shines paying it back and forward.” For an additional story on Kyle Alsup, see the story “Championships relived.”

Life Motto: “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”

What winning state means to him: “Short of having my kids, and select few other days, that’s by far the highlight of my life.”

Best hitter: “Robert Gonzales is the best hitter I ever played with or against.”

Hardest working athlete he’s coached: Chris Nunez

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Being voted into the GHS Hall of Fame: “It meant a lot because of all that I put into Goddard. Goddard is pretty special to me. I wasn’t the biggest, strongest or fastest and I was smart enough to know that I wasn’t a pro prospect. I put everything I had into Goddard baseball. I’m very thankful to be in the Hall.”

Difference between ‘91 and ‘92 teams: “The ‘91 team was physically and mentally tougher. With a lot of football players on it. The ‘92 team was more talented, with four players going to college to play and the pitching was better.”

Dad: “My dad trained me, we were very, very close. I loved everything we did together from lifting and he wanted to win. He was intense and knew what he was talking about. I appreciated everything he did for me. The best thing he did for me was get me started on weightlifting my freshman year. We worked out for two and a half years together.”

Mom: “Most unbelievable mom anyone could ever have. She held me accountable in her own way. I got how to listen and be caring from Mom. She taught me to have a soft spot for kids that have needs.”