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Letter: Cost recovery measures amount to ‘tax increase’


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What do privatizing the city’s recycling program and “cost recovery” for the zoo, museum and Adult Center have in common? They are tax increases.

When the city decreases services without a tax rebate, you are experiencing a tax increase. You are paying the same for less service. It’s the same thing that happens when companies put less food in a container, but hold the cost steady.

Our city council has increased our taxes already by approving entry fees for the zoo and museum, previously free for all of us, paid for by our taxes. Now we will be paying a private contractor for recycling services previously covered by our water/sewer/garbage bill.

To add to the insult, while we pay an extra fee for recycling, the city will be reaping 7% (according to RDR) of that fee. That increases the city income from cessation of the program. First they keep the money they previously spent to recycle, then they take a percentage of the new fee.

That’s like if you worked less hard at your job and your boss hired someone to help you and then also gave you a percentage of the new person’s salary.

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Did you ever get a raise for doing less work? Me neither.

This Council has agreed to raise taxes more often than any other Roswell Council I remember, starting before the pandemic. At the next Municipal election I will be looking for replacements for my councilors. Will you?

Flo Wells

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