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Unopposed races put 15 area candidates in office

Republican Cindy Fuller has worked in the Chaves County Clerk’s Office for six years, most recently as chief deputy county clerk. After defeating a primary challenger in June, she ran unopposed in the 2020 general election. (Lisa Dunlap Photo)

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Many county and district office seekers had, for all intents and purposes, won election or reelection long before Election Day.

Chaves County Treasurer Charlotte Andrade was unopposed in the primary and general elections for her reelection to office. (Lisa Dunlap Photo)

That’s because 15 local candidates, as well as district and legislative office seekers representing Chaves County, were unopposed in the 2020 general elections. And only three faced challengers in the June primaries.

Unopposed candidates had to secure only one vote to win or retain their seats, and shortly after polls closed Tuesday night, most had thousands of votes from Chaves County alone.

Republicans will continue at least for a while to dominate the Chaves County political scene, with only two Democrats on this year’s slate of candidates with no challengers.

“They are all common sense, conservative-minded people,” said Robert Corn, the chair of the Republican Party of Chaves County and a Chaves County commissioner who will leave office at the end of the year after two terms. “We are just pleased that they are willing to step up and serve.”

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Chair of the Democratic Party of Chaves County Stephanie Thomas said that fielding more candidates ranks second on the priority list for local volunteers, with the first concern being to get voters to the polls for the Democrats on the ballot in contested races.

“Even as it is now, just having any Democratic challengers is a good thing, so we are working to get turnout for them,” she said. “But the step after that is to get Democrats to run for office.”

She said the party has planned to make people aware that seeking office is accessible to most people and also intends to have candidates from the 2020 elections or prior races share knowledge and information about running for political office.

The results of local voting are due to be canvassed by the county Nov. 10 and the state Nov. 24. Local elected officials will be sworn in soon after Jan. 1. Legislators should take office after the 2021 session opens, which is scheduled for Jan. 19.

State legislators

District 27 State Sen. Stuart Ingle of Portales, incumbent, Republican

District 32 State Sen. Cliff Pirtle of Roswell, incumbent, Republican

District 42 State Sen. Gay Kernan of Hobbs, incumbent, Republican

District 54 State Sen. James G. Townsend of Artesia, incumbent, Republican

District 58 State Rep. Candy Spence Ezzell of Roswell, incumbent, Republican

District 66 State Rep. Phelps Anderson of Roswell, incumbent, Republican

State Commissions

District 8 Public Education Commissioner Michael M. Taylor of Roswell, charter school board member and orthodontist, Republican

New Mexico Fifth Judicial District Court

Division 2 Judge Thomas E. Lilley of Roswell, incumbent, Democrat

Division 8 Judge Jared Garner Kallunki of Roswell, incumbent, Democrat

District Attorney Dianna L. Luce of Hobbs, incumbent, Republican

County offices

County Clerk Cindy Fuller of Midway, now chief deputy county clerk, Republican (defeated primary challenger Barbara Gomez)

County Treasurer Charlotte M. Andrade of Roswell, incumbent, Republican

District 2 County Commissioner T. Calder Ezzell Jr. of Roswell, incumbent, Republican

District 3 County Commissioner Jeffrey D. Bilberry of Chaves County, incumbent, Republican (defeated primary challenger Randy Robertson)

District 4 County Commissioner Richard C. Taylor of Roswell, Republican (defeated primary challenger Barry Foster; taking seat being vacated by Robert Corn)

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