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Spotlight: HSSNM a beacon of light

Christina Stock Photo — Pictured are HSENM Director Amy McVay Tellez with "Santa" welcoming everybody to the society's annual open house. This year, the fans of history and holiday food, may join its drive-through holiday fundraiser.

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The Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico invites the public to its Christmas drive-thru fundraiser

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

Visiting the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico (HSSNM) Museum and Archives’ open house usually kicks off the holiday season. With restrictions in place by the state, this will not be possible this year. However, according to HSSNM Executive Director Amy McVay Tellez and HSSNM board member Jane Anglin, these unique times brought out the best in creativity to find a way to connect with the people. “We are inviting the community to support this wonderful fundraiser and celebrate the holidays. This is a special invitation to come kick off the holidays with the Historical Society. I am honored to be a part of the Historical Society wanting to be a beacon of light, and we are all part of history. It is really cool to be part of an organization that celebrates all,” McVay Tellez said.

Anglin said about the board members facing this challenging year, “They have been just magnanimous. They have pulled in, jumped in for whatever needs to be done, they do it. We don’t have to ask. That has not always been the case.”

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Together, McVay Tellez and the board came up with a unique concept of a dinner drive-thru for its 39th annual Heritage Dinner on Sept. 1. The event was so popular, Anglin said, that she is still getting compliments about it. That is why the board decided to have a Christmas drive-thru fundraiser on Dec. 6.

Peppers Grill & Bar will again prepare the individual dinner boxes (serves two people) and bundles (serves 10 people). This time, the menu includes green chile brisket, several sides, an appetizer and dessert.

“I can’t say enough about Peppers,” McVay Tellez said. “They get all excited. It gives them a beacon of hope — we’re giving them some light too. They worked the menu to be festive. When individuals purchase a box or a bundle, the gift bag this time will have an ornament in it. Ordain your tree with a part of history and that will bind us all together to put us on the book to be unique and finding new opportunities to fundraise, and do things that we would have not done otherwise,” McVay Tellez said.

HSSNM will be lighting up the museum with Christmas decor and McVay Tellez will be working along with the Morning Garden Club to adorn the entrance and front area with Christmas greenery and holiday decor.

The event takes place with permission of the Chaves County Sheriff’s Office, who will be present during the event to make sure that state regulations will be in place, McVay Tellez said.

HSSNM is asking Roswell to light up this evening and join in the concept of being a beacon of light.

“During the hours of 5:30 and 7 p.m., Dec. 6, (KEND) 106.5 FM is partnering with us and Hot Club on the Pecos,” McVay Tellez said. “They will be singing holiday carols on the radio. What better way to celebrate the holidays, but by paying it forward to somebody else and at the same time, helping the Historical Society. We really are challenging offices and businesses that are unable to have Christmas parties. This could be a delivered Christmas party. We can either deliver the boxes to their offices before they went home or deliver it to their home. Show a celebratory appreciation toward businesses, doctors’ offices, for individuals that we don’t always thank enough, whether it is delivery people or others. They do have to RSVP by Nov. 16.”

Children may call in during the radio show and speak with Santa.

According to McVay Tellez, there will be a silent auction link on the HSSNM website, which will be active right before Thanksgiving.

“We are really going to focus on encouraging people to do their Christmas shopping and support the Historical Society that way,” McVay Tellez said. “We have a lot of unique gifts. My cousin has an amazing AirBnB in Glencoe, and he has generously donated a getaway. He has a golf loft with putting greens inside the loft. Individuals can bid on the Glencoe Golf collection, we’ll have some golf items and then stay the night in the loft and use two-hour golf simulators. Another concept he donated, what we call the Hippie House, it takes you back into the ’70s. The golf loft can accommodate four people, the Hippie House can accommodate over six.

“Martin’s Jewelry donated three different collections, including a black onyx. They wanted to be part of this. I am proud to say, we want to support locals during these times. They are helping us and we are helping them, it’s a wonderful collaboration. One of our own, Danielle González, she would have been in Holly-Day Magic, and us not being able to have that, she donated one of her collection. She is a photographer and is making custom items. We got some really cool gift certificates from Casa Bella. We even have Addy Tour Company Boutique out of Ruidoso. We’re going to have a famous Jack Chew cookbook that’s going to be in the collection. I can’t imagine anything better to celebrate the holidays than by giving one of those highly sought after Jack Chew cookbooks. We’re going to have some Christmas collections with local spirit. We have masculine collections, including a detailing/carwash collection from Wakefield Oil. There is going to be some electronics too. Most importantly, talking about this is encouraging people to support locals that are helping us, but also encouraging them to do their Christmas shopping with us. People can have a tax write-off, support the Society and do Christmas shopping,” McVay Tellez said.

“We are looking for sponsors to get involved, paying it forward. How cool if we could get sponsors who could provide meals to shut-ins or one of the older folks’ homes. Santa could come early,” McVay Tellez said.

On the evening of the event, those who have registered will get their ticket and gift bag at HSSENM, 200 N. Lea Ave. There will also be hot chocolate served. Afterward, the drivers may head over to Peppers Grill & Bar, 500 N. Main St., where ticket holders can pick up their dinner box or bundle.

McVay Tellez said that the museum is open for private tours of small groups, reservations are accepted by phone — in compliance with the state regulations. Their book store is accessible in the same way. McVay Tellez said that historian John LeMay will have his new book available about Marshall Ashmun “Ash” Upson.

“We will be open again, we will keep on and be stronger,” McVay Tellez said. There is also a video on the HSSENM website about Roswell’s history. “If there is a cool challenge for Roswell and they can’t be involved with this (the drive-thru), let history come to you and make it a tradition to watch this video.”

For more information and updates, visit roswellnmhistory.org, email historydirector@outlook.com or call 575-622-8333.