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Letter: Put aside ‘partisan politics,’ make sound health decisions


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Back in July our city council voted 6-4 not to enforce the governor’s public health mandates, including the mask requirement. City Councilor Jeanine Best led the opposition to masking and physical distancing declaring, “There is no reason for us to stop the way we live. If you fear this COVID-19, stay home.” She also stated, “There is no reason for bullying” ostensibly intimating governor Lujan Grisham’s orders were tantamount to bullying.

Fast forward to the middle of November where Roswell has the dubious distinction of being one of the “leaders” with its high positivity rate of 14.4% (means around 14 out of 100 people who test get positive result). The nationwide positivity rate, as reported by the Mayo Clinic, is circa 6%.

Establishing cause and effect is always challenging, but please, at least believe that some deterrent is better than no deterrent and adhere to the governor’s public health mandate.

I believe the city council’s flippant vote in July was primarily due to their unwillingness to be amenable to the orders of a Democratic governor. Also, this same city council approved the possibility of suing the governor.

Allow me to invoke the hackneyed “Let’s Put Aside Partisan Politics” and make sound decisions regarding individual and community health. Finally, thanks much to City Councilor Juan Oropesa for opposing the lunacy and poor judgement of that split 6-4 vote.

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Steven Young

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