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Letter: We need common-sense solution to ‘national embarrassment’


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Sunday’s Guest op-ed headline was incorrect in my opinion. “Elections are easy” should have read “Elections are not easy.” When each of our 52 or 53 state or territorial legislatures and each of our 52 or 53 secretaries of state can legally or maybe illegally decide the election rules and deadlines for a national presidential election, is totally asinine by a factor of 52 or 53.

There might be approved exemptions for geographical obstacles that certain states such as Alaska could be allowed.

Realistically, we probably only have the next 24 months before the next presidential election campaign season begins in earnest to legislate a common-sense solution to this national embarrassment.

Also, please might we immediately agree that election polls in all states and territories should be open both Saturday and Sunday on the second weekend in November, between the hours of 0700-1900 hours in its time zone, and also that each state or territory has no more than 72 hours to announce its official election results.

Larry Connolly

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