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Letter: Governor’s policies just ‘promote panic’


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I went to (a local big-box retailer) a week ago Thursday. An associate told me “they are gonna shut us down.” I had no idea what she was talking about and let it go. I did notice that the place was unusually packed. I then went to another bigbox store and noticed that it was absolutely packed. As I checked out, I asked the clerk why so many people. His answer was the governor was going to make a speech in about an hour. Obviously, the crowds in both stores knew this. I didn’t.

I noticed that in both stores the shelves were depleted. Now I know why. It’s almost like the governor was about to yell “fire” in a movie theater. Absolute panic! I was not there to hoard items. It seems as if everybody in Roswell was determined to get everything they wanted or needed before her proposed shutdowns.

A week later, I went to a local grocery store to get just a few small items. The lines were outrageous. I found out why. Other local stores were shut down as well. …

Again, when you yell “fire” people will make a run on stores and that causes the spread of the virus to citizens and the employees of these stores.

Clearly, her policies don’t work. She constantly tells us about how New Mexico’s health is a wreck. At the same time, the New Mexico economy is in the tank. Sooner or later, she has to acknowledge that her policies do nothing but promote panic and do not keep people at home, but rushing to the stores before it is too late. It’s time she takes full responsibility for her failure to handle the situation realistically.

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I will give you another example: Go to a convenience store and buy gasoline and the pump will ask if you want a receipt. You answer “yes” and the pump screen says “clerk has receipt,” which forces one to go inside to get that receipt — there goes social distancing.

MLG (Michelle Lujan Grisham) can throw up all the data she wants, but figures lie and liars figure. I can make any number say whatever I want it to say. Five out of 4 people don’t understand fractions and it appears she is one of them. Her policies do nothing more than promote panic and cause people to leave their homes and make a run on every store they can.

It is a good possibility that as a deplorable some NM goon squad will come after me for some allegation because I choose to disagree with her methods.

I don’t believe she cares about anybody that lives south of Albuquerque. She knows her constituency which is Albuquerque and northern New Mexico. …

Larry Griffin