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Letter: New arrangement ‘a death blow’ to local recycling


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At last we are being told how big our tax increase is going to be. Our water payments have been covering recycling for years, but no more. Now the city is outsourcing that service to a private company. It will cost each household that chooses to continue recycling $25 or $35 per month. That’s $300 to $420 a year for a governmental service which has been appropriately paid for by your taxes. It is a waste disposal program and should be paid for by tax dollars. Now that you will pay extra for recycling, will the city reduce your water bill? Of course not.

By not recycling, the city will save about $225,000 per year (RDR, 11/17/20). The city is also providing equipment to the company and charging rent. So the city is making money on this whole agreement. Will your water bill go down? Of course not. …

This is a death blow to Roswell recycling. In these times, few will be willing or able to take on an additional monthly bill. That means there will be a lot more material sent to the landfill. Will the city increase your taxes to accommodate this change? You can bet on it.

That’s a tax increase with or without recycling.

Flo Wells

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