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Spotlight: MainStreet Roswell Pet Mascot Contest

Submitted Photo First contestant in the search for Roswell MainStreet mascot is Hercules, a Labrador, sent in by owner Brett Hunt.

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The search for a downtown mascot kicks off

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

For the first time in its history, the nonprofit organization supporting Roswell’s downtown merchants and member of New Mexico MainStreet, MainStreet Roswell is looking for a pet mascot. Anybody who has a pet and lives in Roswell or Chaves County may participate.

The idea for a mascot came to MainStreet Roswell member Juliana Halvorson when she heard about a similar contest over the radio. “They voted in a mascot mayor, basically a pet mayor,” she said in a phone interview. “It’s a fundraiser, so basically who raises the most funds wins. I thought, that’s a neat idea.”

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Asking about the nature of the pets, Halvorson said that it could be any kind of pet. “They don’t have to commit to come to First Friday, they have to commit to letting us take photos and using their pet’s photos throughout the year for the First Friday. Or they can send in the pictures, but it depends on the pet that wins. If it’s possible, I’ll take the photo. If not, they would send in the photos with the theme of the First Friday. They can send it in, but I am thinking I’ll set up a photo shoot one day — maybe a couple of times a year — and take all the shots we need.”

Even livestock photos can be sent in, as long as the “pet” owner, per example, a Future Farmer of America, commits to have his or her pet available for the photo shoot for a year.

“One entry per person, so they have to pick their favorite one,” Halvorson said. “If it is a family, each person in the family can enter one. We are limiting it to 30 entries, so if we receive more than that, we are going to have a committee put together that will narrow it down. We are receiving entries now until Dec. 4.”

Halvorson said the contest is a fundraiser for Roswell MainStreet’s programs, and as an example of where the money goes, she said, “What we are going to do now, on Small Business Saturday, we are going to do a live video shoot with up to 10 stores downtown, where they sell for 30 minutes, their products online on our MainStreet Roswell (Facebook) page.”

Pioneer of this model in Roswell is Molly Boyles with her weekly Once Again Consignment sale.

According to Halvorson, the pet photo should have a large resolution when uploaded. “Remember, people will vote on them, so they need to be as creative as possible,” she said.

“The voting will be by the public in the way of donations. If you want your cow to win, you get your friends to vote for it with donations. There is no minimum donation and no maximum donation. All donations go to MainStreet.”

The top three winners will receive 10% of the donations their pet achieves. For more information, visit mainstreetroswell.org.

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