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Letter: Reader seeks explanation for councilors’ recent behavior


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Just wow! Just when I think the city councilors couldn’t behave any more disrespectfully or childishly, you prove me wrong, again.

First you’ve put us in debt. Then you’ve taxed us twice but are calling it a schmaltzy “cost recovery” (Our taxes pay for the services of this city; we don’t need to recover anything). And at the last public council meeting you orchestrated a walk-out on a fellow councilman. This is conducting the people’s business? How is this not disenfranchising the citizens Councilman Oropesa represents? By all means please explain your behavior councilmen and mayor.

More importantly, I want to hear from Councilwoman Best. How does this rude, disrespectful behavior match your recent description, in this newspaper, of fairly and equally representing constituents in both your ward and the entire city?

While it displeases me to amplify Ms. Best’s mean-spirited contemplations — See ACLU NM (ACLU of New Mexico) Facebook — her assumption that knowledge about animal husbandry and her expressed phenotype of our vice president-elect is a racist one. When she conflated knowledge about livestock and their passage of genotypes into phenotypes, she was inadvertently supposing the same sort of logic applies to humans and, more importantly, that it matters at all where the VP-elect received her genes. Is she a woman of color? Yes, she is. Does it matter how those colors came to be expressed? No, it does not.

Ms. Best’s thinly veiled attempt to assassinate the VP-elect’s character, similar to the birtherism movement, is based on bogus and irrelevant factors which should be ignored and quite frankly cast aside. Finally, disparaging a woman’s character by suggesting she got her job through sexual favors only demonstrates your lack of intellect and where your mind lives. VP-elect Harris graduated from Howard University, then UC Hastings College of Law. She’s worked as a prosecutor, a district attorney in San Francisco, the attorney general of California for six years and a senator.

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What specifically are your credentials? You only highlight your lack of education and intelligence when you demean another woman so viciously without cause. If you’re going to use the modern-day version of the village town square to be a foolish and idle gossip then perhaps you should do it when you are not representing the City of Roswell. It’s embarrassing.

Sarah McArthur