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Letter: Mayor’s ‘bullying’ leadership style doesn’t benefit Roswell


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I resigned from the Airport Commission primarily because I did not see any further benefit to the citizens and community of Roswell with my presence on the Commission. The information provided to the Commission and the questions asked during the meetings appear to have been largely ignored by Dennis Kintigh and the Roswell City Council.

The Ergon situation was the perfect example of why an Airport Authority is needed for Roswell to actually conduct business in a business-like manner. To ignore the recommendation of numerous local business people, of two taxpayer/EDC-funded studies, and of business people who spent their own funds and took their time to develop information on other successful authorities, in my opinion, is not benefiting the citizens of Roswell.

This unacceptable method of conducting business is prompted and directed by Dennis Kintigh.

His leadership style consists of bullying, with no attempt to develop a consensus from Roswell citizens, volunteers, and the business community. If a decision doesn’t follow his directive, it is the wrong decision, because Dennis is always correct.

I have never been tolerant of bullying and I chose to ensure that Dennis knew he could not bully myself or RCCEDC (Roswell-Chaves County Economic Development Corporation).

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Therefore, I have come to the decision that I will no longer volunteer my time, professional skills, or my reputation to continue to have my friends and coworkers in economic development bullied and denigrated.

Bud Kunkel