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Letter: Giving thanks for some much-needed assistance


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The last few weeks have been crazy for our community. With that said, here is a letter of encouragement, teamwork and unity within our great city of Roswell. Weeks before Thanksgiving, our business Pecos Flavors Winery + Bistro had decided to offer a Thanksgiving meal to go.

This wasn’t something abnormal for us to offer, in fact, we offer it every year. However, this year was different. We already had more orders than normal and with two grocery stores being shut down days before Thanksgiving, our phones were ringing off the hook and we had exceeded our numbers from previous years. We didn’t want to let our community down so we continued to take orders and eventually we had reached maximum capacity on what we could do.

After some scratching our heads and trying to figure out a plan, we gave a call to our friends at Peppers. Adam, Neil and Robert were all so kind and let us use their ovens and Robert even helped us cook 30 turkeys. Sweet, cooking problem resolved. What about storage? Where does one store 30 turkeys? We then began pondering where we were going to refrigerate 42 turkeys. With a quick call to Evan at the Roswell Convention Center, he quickly let us store them overnight.

We would not have been able to serve our community and fulfill all of the orders without the help of some of our friends in the community. Even during these difficult times, people were willing to help and add to the overall good of Roswell. We are grateful for all of the orders and especially thankful for the help of these two great local businesses.

The Ragsdales Pecos Flavors Winery + Bistro

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