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Letter: Letting local governments take responsibility for residents


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Regarding the letter to the editor by Mr. Grogan, in the Roswell Daily Record Dec. 2, I am encouraged by the fact that Roswell City Councilors are willing to take responsibility for the city’s residents while opening up some city’s facilities, with precautionary measures, of course. This means less burden for our governor — when the localities take more responsibility for their communities.

Why I say that is because I hail from Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden), where local governance is an age-old tradition. Yes, the local governments tax the residents, keep the monies and decide what to do about education and healthcare (private and public options), infrastructure and police matters, among others. Note that with this kind of local governance, the Scandinavian countries are considered the happiest in the world, and their education results are among the highest in the world.

During these virus days, the local governments in Scandinavia have opted to keep their businesses and schools open for the most part and have thus supported their central governments in maintaining sound economy and top-level education.

In New Mexico, it could be worthwhile to consider the option of letting local city and county governments, school boards, hospitals decide what is best for their residents. Scandinavian results speak for themselves. They are not densely populated countries, resembling New Mexico in that respect. Their number of deaths are lower than here in New Mexico. Also, all Scandinavian countries (as does the state of New Mexico) vary plenty by region. This way, the governor and staff in Santa Fe would have so much less to worry about.

Kaarina Jager

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