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Spotlight: ‘Roswell Incident’ secrets to air?

Photo Courtesy of The HISTORY Channel Jennifer Naso is pictured using a special microscope to perform a deep dive into Jesse Marcel Senior's journal for the upcoming TV show, "Roswell: The First Witness," on The HISTORY Channel.

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HISTORY Channel promises new evidence about the 1947 flying saucer report

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

Will the new TV show, “Roswell: The First Witness,” shine new light on the mystery? A mystery that has been distorted, denied and belittled by the U.S. Military ever since the faithful day, July 7, 1947, that the office of Maj. Jesse A. Marcel, 509th Bombardment group, Roswell Air Field Base, sent the press release about recovering a flying saucer to the office of the Roswell Daily Record.

The HISTORY Channel promises that there is indeed new evidence and a different angle to the story.

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“The investigation, led by former CIA operative Ben Smith, follows the grandchildren of Maj. Marcel and artifacts he left behind that may reveal what really happened at Roswell. Through the use of new advanced technologies, personal stories and expert witness interviews, the Marcel family and our decorated team of investigators hope to cement the truth about this mysterious site of intrigue once and for all.”

One of the grandchildren, Jesse Marcel III, talked on the phone about the show. However, there is an embargo until after the episodes air, so the phone interview was overheard by Kirby Dixon, director of the public relations team at The HISTORY Channel. This secrecy is promising, especially as local and international UFO researchers’ recent disappointment in the documentary, “The Phenomenon,” which aired Oct. 6, and promised “eye-opening evidence,” but didn’t deliver.

“This is not a rehash,” Marcel III said. “People who know the story well will love it, people who have never heard about it are going to be excited learning about it. It covers everybody. It’s going to be a personal experience for everybody who watches it.

“You are not getting a history book/documentary view of what happened; you are hearing from the first family of Roswell, so to speak. And we spent a lifetime growing up with them, going fishing with them — we learned the inside and outside of the story. So I would say that this is as much as a personal side of investigation for discovery as it is a revelation on some of my grandfather’s analytics that were brought to light,” Marcel III said.

Asked about the new material, Marcel III hesitated before saying, “If I can talk about just one piece of evidence that hasn’t been seen before, and that’s my grandfather’s personal diary. It has been passed down through our family. It is a legacy of our family. It hasn’t been opened for public eyes before. It’s the first time it’s been looked at and more than just what it says, but what it means. I’ve been lucky enough to have been down there (at the Roswell UFO Festival) and spoken to the crowds and even been in the parade, which was a lot of fun. But at no point have we ever discussed or disclosed anything about the diary — until now. I got a chuckle out of it, there has been that mystery about a lost diary about Roswell, and I can tell you, it is real and we have it and everybody is going to learn from it.”

Marcel III said that the family didn’t want to release it earlier, because they wanted it done right. “To make it simple, it takes a lot of research, giving it full legitimacy. We could have been amateurs in the background tinkering around, but we decided it would be best if we would do it with a team that actually could do it justice. Really, this is the first time a team like this has been assembled. No. 2 is, I had some insight, more or less personal revelation of what is inside, and I wanted qualification that my thoughts were actually true on what was in it (the diary). That was part of bringing it. It took a strong team of individuals with the expertise to research it and come up with some answers. That was a lot of it. Timing, normal life, my personal life — I have two tech companies — I am very busy and (now) everything came together. All the people came together at the right time and made it happen,” Marcel III said.

Marcel III said that the subject is a passionate one. In interviews in the past, Marcel III always pointed out that his grandfather never wavered and told his family that there had been debris of a flying saucer.

“My grandfather was an intelligence officer — his job was not only to know the secrets, but keep the secrets. This is so big, such a large part of his life and our family’s life. We are looking where he would have left traces behind. A treasure hunt if you will. In this treasure hunt they made discoveries, some answers and more questions.

“This is Roswell and my family. My grandfather went through a lot; it was hard on him, but he always thought he was lucky to be the person he was, the place he was, and I feel the same. This Roswell story has helped directly and indirectly guide my adult life, and it has changed a lot of people’s lives; there are scientists, astronauts because of the story. So we as a family have embraced it on a positive level. To condense it, this is a very positive thing in general,” Marcel III said.

There are no further details released about the show, rudimentary information only on imdb.com, the professional website where directors, actors and staff list their film and movie projects.

Will there be evidence that will change skeptics’ views and support the belief of UFO researchers about the “Roswell Incident?” Will there be a reaction from the U.S. Government? Watch for the headlines in the Roswell Daily Record.

“Roswell: First Witness” premieres on Dec. 12, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time, 7 p.m. Mountain Time, with the second and third episodes airing on Dec. 19 and 26, at the same time respectively. This is the final series topic of “HISTORY’s Greatest Mysteries” franchise hosted by Laurence Fishburne (“The Matrix,” “Black-ish”).

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