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Letter: Following science could prevent suffering, loss of life


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I wish Kaarina Jager had shared her views on actually limiting the spread of this coronavirus in her Dec. 6 letter to the editor. In her opinion each city should be responsible for establishing guidelines to control the spread of the virus yet the very city she lives in has done just that and we are ranked as one of the highest in the nation in the percentage increase of infections.

We live in a highly mobile world with modern transportation capable of transporting COVID-19 infections anywhere around the globe in a matter of a few hours. The World Health Organization is a global agency tasked with the responsibility to advise and coordinate a global response to any global pandemic. Trump refused to follow the advice of their actual scientists as well as the advice of virtually every infectious disease expert, and announced the U.S. withdrawal from the agency on July 6, 2021.

Data shows the nations with a strong central government have some of the lowest rates of infections with minimal damage to their economies. Canada is a good example of such a government. Their rate of per capita infections is currently 25% of the U.S. with less than 40% of the per capita deaths. Based on the rate of infections, Trump has relegated the U.S. to developing-nation status.

I appreciate that Gov. Lujan Grisham is willing to take positive actions to control the spread of this virus. Her job must seem hopeless with the lack of federal guidance and support as well as the New Mexico counties unwilling to follow her mandates. So much human suffering and loss of life could be reduced if each county followed centuries-old safeguards, and also by following the advice of modern science.

John Grogan

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