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Neeb: City won’t pull recycling bins until February


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As the city of Roswell prepares to hand off recycling responsibilities to a private company, the city’s large drop-off bins will remain for public use until at least early February.

City Manager Joe Neeb said his direction to the city staff is that some of the bins should be available for use for 30 days after the city ensures its first recycling franchisee, J&A Recycling, is operating.

The Roswell City Council at its December meeting approved a non-exclusive franchise agreement to J&A Recycling that will go into effect Jan. 9. The company has been operating under a three-month interim agreement with the city to offer curbside recycling pick-up.

“We may pull some, but there should remain recycling service of those bins for 30 days after we get the contractor up and functioning properly, and I would say that depends on when we get that bailing equipment to their site so they can get it hooked up and get it operating,” Neeb said.

The City Council at its November meeting approved a one-year lease agreement with J&A Recycling that includes vertical and horizontal bailers at $50 and $75 a month, respectively.

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“I apologize for the moving target,” Neeb said of the ever-moving date of removing the city recycling bins, “but it really depends on all this work happening. We don’t intend to pull those bins completely until we have a full functioning alternative.”

While the city’s bins are still available, the city is accepting only tin and aluminum cans and cardboard. Neeb said any other products dumped in the bins means the load goes directly to the landfill.

“It’s called a contaminated load at that time and so that ends up getting dumped in the landfill. That’s the hard part about those bins,” he said.

Once the bins are removed, Neeb said it’s likely the city will hold onto them and convert them to other purposes or use them for recycling education efforts.

“What we intend to do as the city is that we will continue the education of recycling,” he said. “We’ll continue to help cause recycling to happen because diversion out of our landfills is a good thing.”

J&A Recycling offers curbside pickup at various costs. Customers who use their own bins and pre-sort materials pay $25 a month. Those who sort but use one of J&A’s bins pay $27. Those who use their own bin but don’t sort the materials pay $35, and those who use the company’s bin and let the company sort materials pay $37.

More information on the company can be found at www.jarecycle.com.

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