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Comfort food and books for comfort

Christina Stock Photo Delicious and easy to make: Air fryer baked camembert in crescent roll dough with sweet hot New Mexico green chile sauce.

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An experiment with red wine, air fryer baked camembert New Mexico style

and author Jonathan Miller’s book “Rattlesnake & Son”

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

It’s time to think of New Year, and oh boy, do we all wait for a good new year after the one we’ve had. But we all come from a long line of survivors, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Our ancestors survived dangerous travels, child birth without any doctors present, famines and a multitude of plagues. One day, our descendants will look back on our time and shake their heads as well on how we survived, mentally and physically.

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My recipe for you today was inspired by an article I read from The Associated Press earlier in the month. An Iowa State University research study featured in an article that was published in the November 2020 issue of the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that its study group of 1,787 adults (from 46 to 77 years) showed significant protection against age-related cognitive problems, even late in life, when they consumed daily a certain amount of red wine and cheese, with cheese, by far, shown to be the most protective food. At least something good against the COVID-19 pandemic blues, I thought. Next to inspiring me to try a new recipe, it reminded me of an experiment I did in my early 20s. I was in a phase where I read any artist biography I could get my hands on, including one of my favorites about Vincent van Gogh. In it is said that he and many other impressionistic painters lived on red wine, cheese and bread.

Putting two and two together, I decided I might tap into my inner “master” by trying out this diet for a day and do my paintings at the same time — I have an art degree and painted all my life. So I bought some good French cheese, red wine and bread. As soon as I had enjoyed a glass of wine, I did become quite inspired to paint. The evening went on, I sipped my wine and enjoyed the food while painting until early in the morning. Somewhere around 4 a.m. I went to bed quite content with myself. When I woke up, I was sure that the method worked and I created a painting that would be maybe not worth to hang in the Louvre, but at least on my wall. When I turned the canvas around, the delusion was revealed. I had achieved to create some weird concoction of style that I decided to paint over right away. Later I found out that those masters watered down their wine quite a bit, but I still didn’t feel like repeating this experiment.

However, cheese is delicious in its many forms and I still love it. Today, I would like to share a recipe using cheese with you, which would be perfect for an appetizer on New Year’s Eve.

Air fryer baked camembert New Mexico style

Serves 6 to 8


1 round, about 8 oz camembert cheese

4-5 Tbsp sweet hot green chile

1 roll refrigerated crescent roll dough

1 egg


Open the container with the crescent roll dough. Roll enough of the dough out, about six sections and even out the perforations. Put the cheese in the center after cutting off the top. Top the cheese with 4 tablespoons of sweet hot green chile. Bring the corners of the dough up and fold on the top with a slight twist, continue all around and pinch the edges of the pastry together.

You can now either whisk the egg and brush it on the pastry, or brush the fifth tablespoon of green chile on the pastry.

Spray your air fryer basket generously with cooking spray and put the cheese in the center. Air fry the cheese at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 to 20 minutes, until it is golden brown and slightly puffed.

After five minutes it is ready to serve. If you prefer, you can use brie instead of the stronger tasting camembert. Serve with crackers or sliced French bread.

You can make this dish in a toaster oven or in your regular oven as well. Just adjust the time and add between 10 and 15 minutes to the baking time.

The French like to serve a tossed green salad with their baked cheese.

Books for comfort

Submitted Photo
Author Jonathan Miller is seen here at a sign that reflects on his series’ newest book, “Rattlesnake & Son.”

Jonathan Miller is part of the New Mexico Book Coop and sent in his announcement of the release of his book, “Rattlesnake & Son.” In an email, Miller shared his background, “One of my last novels, ‘Luna Law’ was a co-winner of the 2017 Hillerman Award for Fiction, but I feel a special connection to the town that would be interesting to your readers. I lived in Roswell from 1990-1992 and my first novel, ‘Rattlesnake Lawyer’ was a very fictionalized version of my adventures as a public defender. I came up with the title while seeing the sign at the Mesa rest stop that warns you to ‘Watch for Rattlesnakes.’

“While I lived in Roswell, I also won the contest to name the Pecos Trails Transit System that is still running today. As an attorney, I’ve also handled several cases in Roswell, most recently, the trial of Valerie Palombi, a former law enforcement officer charged with armed robbery. I still have many active cases in the 5th Judicial District and my wife is currently representing several high profile cases in town. My next novel, ‘The Shakespeare Incident,’ is perhaps the world’s first UFO legal thriller and inevitably features a scene in the Chaves County Courthouse.”

The book “Rattlesnake & Son,” is part of Miller’s Rattlesnake series: “His long-lost son was the last person Dan Shepard, the Rattlesnake lawyer, expected to meet when he was ordered to be at the courthouse in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Poor 14-year-old Marley might even be psychic. With his special abilities, Marley can help Dan take his local practice statewide. ‘Rattlesnake & Son’ could be the next great New Mexico law firm.

“Unfortunately, things go exceedingly wrong at school for Marley and he is charged with some very serious crimes. The Rattlesnake Lawyer now has to represent his son in his wildest trial yet. When he learns the truth about his son, Dan and Marley will have to face some extremely dangerous consequences.”

The book was published with Artemesia Publishing out of Tijeras, New Mexico and is available at all online stores as paperback or eBook. However, there is a glitch with Amazon who only lists one of Miller’s books when doing the search. When visiting the authors website and clicking on the respective book link, it opens directly to the Amazon page. Unfortunately, the website is not up to date with his newest book. Links can be found on his Facebook page @JonathanMillerTheRattlesnakeLawyer. For older books, visit rattlesnakelaw.com.

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