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Letter: Herrell’s actions ‘undermined the American electoral system’


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Yvette Herrell has joined a minority of radical Republicans trying to prevent a certified American election from being accepted by Congress. This is contrary to the oath of office she recently took.

She should not be granted her seat in our House of Representatives, as she, with her GOP comrades, has directly undermined the American electoral system.

The election has been investigated for fraud several times, with so few irregularities found that no results would change.

All states have certified their results. The Electoral College met and voted. The joint session of Congress met (with a terrible interruption from armed insurgents supporting Herrell’s views) and accepted the election results. Biden won, Trump lost. That is how our elections work.

In 2016 those of us who voted for Clinton were upset and disappointed. We protested Trump — the man, his character and policies. We never contested or protested the election itself.

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In 2020 we organized, mobilized, and turned out in force. This time, we won. That, too, is how elections work.

Wisconsin Sen. Johnson says all Trump voters were disenfranchised. Not true. They voted, thereby exercising their franchise. They just lost. Plain and simple. Democracy at work.

Those Republicans who tried to delegitimize a valid election are undermining American democracy itself. They do not deserve respect and they most certainly do not belong in Congress. If they can’t respect our democracy, they should not be part of our government.

Flo Wells

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