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Letter: Will ‘unity’ translate to ‘universal mandatory agreement?’


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It begins.

The new far-left regime isn’t even fully in place yet, and Nancy Pelosi is already pushing what Cal Thomas (Roswell Daily Record, Jan. 8 column) aptly calls an Orwellian agenda banning gender-specific language in the House of Representatives.

The pronouns “he” and “she” will be taboo, along with such words as “father,” “daughter,” and “wife.”

This is reminiscent of the politically correct idiocy of the 1970s, when “man” was taboo. (“Henchman” becomes “henchperson.”) My joke at the time was that a lion no longer has a MANe but rather a PERSONe, and if you’re not careful the beast will PERSONgle you.

But the proposed official outlawing of gender-specific pronouns (even if only in Congress, where not much sanity prevails anyway) is worse than idiotic. It’s the start of what promises to be a nightmare of unstoppable government oppression.

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Cal Thomas does well to talk about these things in print while it’s still possible to do so, because anyone who thinks leftist regimes care about Constitutional provisions like freedom of the press is in for a rude awakening.

When Biden calls for “unity,” by the way, the word means “universal mandatory agreement.” Wait and see.

Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.

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