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Two arrested in connection with Jan. 5 shooting


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Roswell police have two people in custody in connection with the Jan. 5 shooting of a man found bleeding in a local convenience store.

Lorena Beltran (Submitted Photo)

Lorena Beltran, 42, of Roswell was arrested Sunday and Bryan Dillard, 25 and also of Roswell, was arrested Tuesday on criminal charges related to the shooting, according to documents filed in Chaves County Magistrate Court.

Beltran is charged with one count each of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon; conspiracy to commit aggravated battery with a deadly weapon; bribery of a witness; retaliation against a witness; robbery; and tampering with evidence.

Dillard faces criminal counts of aggravated battery, deadly weapon; conspiracy to commit aggravated battery, deadly weapon; bribery of a witness, retaliation, deadly weapon; and armed robbery.

Beltran is accused of shooting the victim once in the chest on the night of Jan. 5 at a 500 block of West Tilden Street residence before the victim fled the house and ran to an Allsup’s convenience store at the intersection of East 2nd Street and Garden Avenue, where police were called.

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The victim was then transported to Eastern New Mexico Medical Center, where, according to court documents, he told police “Lorena Beltran shot me.”

He said that before he was shot, Beltran and Dillard made several comments in which they accused him of cooperating with police in the investigation of another shooting.

In his statement to police, the victim said that on Jan. 4 Beltran and Dillard had picked him up from a friend’s house on South Washington Avenue. The three of them then drove in Beltran’s 2006 gray Mazda sedan to a house on West Tilden Street where, according to court documents, the victim planned to buy a handgun for $1,000.

Bryan Dillard (Submitted Photo)

When Beltran, Dillard, the victim and two other woman were together inside a bedroom in the house, with the gun, Beltran and Dillard allegedly made several comments accusing the victim of cooperating with police. They also called him a snitch and said he was going to get what he deserved.

Court documents state Beltran and Dillard allegedly took the victim’s money before Beltran shot him once in the chest.

The victim later explained to police that after he was shot, he ran out the front door of the house and ran to the convenience store.

He added that he was chased and shots were fired in his direction as he ran out of the house, but because it happened so fast he did not know who fired at him. The victim said Beltran had a gun and that she and Dillard had set him up.

Police later discovered a .22 caliber shell casing and traces of fresh blood on the door frame of a bedroom in the 500 block of West Tilden Street residence where the shooting is alleged to have happened.

The night after the shooting, court documents state search warrants were obtained by police and executed on Beltran’s gray Mazda and a motel room where she was staying.

A Walther .22 handgun was reportedly found in the trunk of the Mazda, along with a magazine containing .22 caliber ammunition. More ammunition was allegedly found in Beltran’s motel room.

When questioned by police, court documents state, Beltran acknowledged knowing the victim. She admitted that on the night of Jan. 4 she picked him up and they drove around searching for a motel where they could go and party.

Beltran added that she also picked up two other men, one of whom was a friend of hers and the other a man whose name she did not know. When asked if one of them was Dillard, she did not answer.

She then dropped off the victim and the man whose name she did not know at the Tilden Street residence, while the man identified as a friend of hers was dropped off at a motel.

Beltran told police that when she came back to the West Tilden Street house, she witnessed the victim run out of the front door of the house and the man whose name she did not know — who she dropped off with the victim — was one of two men she saw chasing the victim.

She did not know what was happening, Beltran said, so she went into the house, encountered the handgun, took it and then placed it into the trunk of her sedan.

Beltran said she left the house before police arrived because at the time she was in possession of narcotics.

When later questioned by police, court documents state Dillard described Beltran and the victim as friends of his but that he saw them only occasionally and was not with them on the night of the shooting.

He added numerous times that the victim was a good person and that he would never do anything to hurt him.

The District Attorney’s Office for the New Mexico Fifth Judicial District has filed expedited motions to hold Beltran and Dillard in pre-trial preventive detention. If, after hearings in District Court, a judge grants both of the motions, Beltran and Dillard will remain incarcerated without bond until the conclusion of their trials.

Hearings for both Beltran and Dillard, according to electronic documents, are scheduled for Friday.

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