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Letter: Today’s young people already coping with too much


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I believe that the information in this letter is important and needs to be shared with the community. Very recently, a schoolteacher friend received materials from a popular, well-known company from which she had ordered specific books for her third- and fourth-grade students. To her surprise, the company included five extra books about racism. The teacher shared the five books with me. After perusal, I believe four are appropriate for elementary classrooms when read by the teacher. Young children are not familiar with our history and need an explanation of the book’s contents.

However, one of the books is quite alarming. This book is not a storybook, but one that, I presume, is meant for the teacher to explain systemic racism to the class. The author boldly shares beliefs about systemic racism using words such as discrimination, prejudice, dominant culture, bias, sexual orientation, gender, microaggression, global majority, ancestral trauma, white power and white privilege. These words are explained in detail. Also, words are introduced that are very new to me.

The disturbing theme throughout the book is that the Caucasian race is vilified for all the hurts and injustices throughout history. … That white men and white women by birth are automatically supreme and lord power over others. Whether this belief is true or not, the author seems to believe it. The author’s goal seems to be to teach and explain white power to the children. I, a retired teacher, found this book disturbing. I believe elementary students are not mature enough to be introduced to the concept of systemic racism — our young people, already, are coping with way too much in our rapidly changing world.

Margaret Rodriguez

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