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NMMI Regents approve tuition, fee increases


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New Mexico Military Institute will increase its tuition and fees for the 2021-22 academic year. The increases will range from 3% for state residents to 6% for international students outside North America.

The Institute also will begin a gradual phase-out of the New Mexico True rate that has allowed state residents for the past three years to pay only $400 a year for tuition, as well as additional fees and room and board costs.

The five-member Board of Regents approved the increases to begin after July 2021 during their Thursday online meeting.

Trustee Col. Barbara Trent did express some concern about increases during the pandemic and especially about the elimination of the New Mexico True rate. She wondered if an increase should occur now and if higher tuition and fees would dampen recruitment.

“My only concern is from a New Mexico state perspective,” she said, “how depressed the state is and now with the huge impact the pandemic has had on so many people personally at a time when we are trying to pretty substantively raise in-state tuition for people who were used to having the New Mexico True rate.”

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Institute staff said the 255 current cadets who were admitted under the New Mexico True program will be allowed to continue to pay $400 for tuition. Only newly admitted New Mexico students will pay the revised $2,000 in-state tuition rate.

Staff also said that additional scholarship and financial aid tools exist now to offset increased costs for those in need. They said eligible students should be able to attend even if they have significant financial need.

Under the new tuition and fee structure, New Mexico residents will pay $16,144 a year for tuition, fees and room and board, an increase of $477, or 3%, from the current year. Out-of-state and North American residents will pay $23,218 a year, a 5% or $1,157 increase.

International students from outside North America will pay $29,894 a year, a 6% or $1,665 increase.

Lt. Col. Deana Curnutt, assistant chief financial officer, said the new rates were determined based on expected cost increases, discussions with various Institute departments and analyses of tuition and fees at other schools.

She presented information that showed the new in-state rate of $16,444 a year is lower than the current tuition and fees charged by three military colleges and academies in other states, by another New Mexico boarding school and by three other private day schools in New Mexico.

Yet the 2021-22 in-state costs will be several thousand dollars a year higher than the rates charged this year by two private religious day schools in New Mexico.

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