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Letter: More government is not the answer


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When are people going to figure out that big, intrusive government is not the solution to our problems?

A classic example is Biden’s recent ill-conceived restrictions on oil and gas production, destined not only to destroy thousands of jobs (he’s good at that) but also to destroy what little is left of New Mexico’s economy.

The irony is that among the activities restricted by his uninformed policy (as recently reported by the Associated Press) is the right-of-way determination for new natural gas pipelines designed to cut down on environmental problems caused by venting and flaring. While standing at the podium and grinning and claiming to help the environment, Biden is doing precisely the opposite.

Funny, but although government can take your money, through taxation, to do whatever insane things they want (and it’s going to get crazier, trust me), what they cannot seem to take from the private sector is intelligence, understanding, sound ideas, logic, responsible and productive thinking. Government as an abstraction knows nothing. Sure, the leaders have advisors, but in the end, leftists listen only to what they want to hear, and do only what conduces to their own political power, which is all they really care about.

Government isn’t the answer. Intelligent thought is found only in private individuals. It takes work, and career politicians are allergic to that.

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Donald R. Burleson

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