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Letter: Where is the cost accounting?


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First. Why is the city government, designed to serve the peoples’ needs that cannot be met by free enterprise, even considering buying property and rental units south of the zoo? A lot of time and money was put into the “Master Plan” for the future of our zoo. This acreage and PRIVATE BUSINESS enterprise never was part of that plan. Where is the cost analysis on how long it will take the city to recoup more than the $400,000 to buy this property? Where is the analysis of the added costs of renovations and upkeep of the buildings and property? Who is the rental management job going to fall to? And mostly and lastly, why is the city again trying to compete with local businesses? Please, I ask the city councilors to remember and respect the service role of government.

Second. How much is it costing now and where is the analysis of future costs of expanding the city dump now that recycling is a thing of the past? I, personally, used to take papers, cardboard, cans and plastic to the recycling bins. Now it goes in the trash can in the alley. I used to take about 5 or 6 bags of trash to the garbage bin per week. Now, I take at least twice that amount to the trash bin and I still try to recycle cans and cardboard. How soon is the city going to need more land? With the extensive regulations to protect water and air, landfill is a very expensive undertaking.

What is the cost analysis comparison between dumping twice as much trash versus the cost of recycling? Was there a cost analysis comparison? If, so please publish that study for citizen review.

Bonnie Bitzer

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