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Letter: Anderson represents Dist. 66, whether GOP likes it or not


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The New Mexico GOP has made it clear who is supposed to be represented when a Republican is elected to the Legislature — the party, not the voters of the district.

Rep. Phelps Anderson casts one vote against the party line in many years of elected service and is forced to leave his long-time party. That isn’t good enough for New Mexico Republicans, though. He is being called on to leave the Legislature.

Whether Rep. Anderson is a Republican or not (he certainly is), he was, in fact, elected to his position. The voters chose him to represent them, not that there was a choice as he ran unopposed. Until there is another election, he represents District 66, whether or not the New Mexico GOP likes it.

I would like to thank Rep. Anderson for representing me for a change instead of his lock-step party. I prefer any elected official to think about a bill’s effects on constituents first, party a distant second.

We are living in a time where party comes first for politicians and that is part of the reason for the mess government is in. When the only consideration is party line, there is no room to think of the state or country and what is best for constituents, no room to compromise with the other party. No vote is in doubt, as all legislators vote the way the party tells them to. As a result, laws do not get passed and voters go unrepresented. Government grinds to a halt.

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Congratulations are in order for Rep. Anderson and for any official who votes for constituents instead of for a party. Thank you!

Flo Wells

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