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Letter: Compromise needed when determining energy future


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I do not believe we have heard an end to the cries of anguish portending the demise of the oil industry. In fact as we see additional mandates, regulations and taxes emit from current political administrations, both state and federal, they will simply compound a problem that shouldn’t exist. The energy dilemma will not be solved by high-handed edicts extolled by those in power in the political/media arena.

Electric vehicles may be on the way; however, they do have limitations. Not to mention the fact that the electricity they require has to come from somewhere. Solar, wind and hydroelectric sources do not even begin to meet these needs at this time. This is a critical problem, now try to keep an open mind on this critical problem. As a possible solution some may even think — nuclear. Wow! At the very mention of the word we see a whole bunch of folks heading for the sand dunes.

Oh! It seems in these current times it is perfectly alright for one contingent of society to advocate and demand for the demise of another group while at the same time impose hardships on all involved through job losses, higher vehicle-fuel cost as well as home heating/cooling.

Alternative sources of power are not here yet, so until some viable source comes on the scene how about showing some compromise? Try to think out of the box, consider all alternative sources of power, curb some of this senseless rhetoric. Less shrieking about banning, mandating, regulating, polluting and demanding. Practical solutions are out there, give the American people a chance, they will figure it out and cause less hardship on all.

Terry R. Koenig
Lake Arthur

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