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Reggie Franklin’s thoughts


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“I think it (NMMI) prepared me, that no matter what you are going through, you can make it,” Reggie Franklin said. “That RAT year asking permission to go to your room, to eat, and to use the bathroom — asking permission to leave the table is kind of hell, you get used to hell, but it lets you know, you can get used to anything. I figured if I could make it there, I can make it anywhere.”

Reggie Franklin was the head basketball coach at NMMI and later the athletic director. Franklin retired in 2014. (Submitted Photo)

“I met a lot of nice people,” Franklin said. “Sean Schooley ended up being my best friend.”

Franklin said he learned as a coach you can have great schemes but if you don’t have the athletes, you can’t run certain plays, such as his 1-3-1 gimmick defense he learned under Stone at Midland. 

Franklin said in his experience as a student, coach and athletic director, that when he worked as athletic director, Maj. Gen. Jerry Grizzle was a great boss and let him run his department and hire the coaches he wanted to hire. “As an athletic director, I wanted my coaches to have everything they needed to be successful.

“To me, the athletic director’s job is to go out and get what your program needs to be successful,” Franklin said. He said that if they ever needed another girls’ athletic team to play as a sport, he would have tried to bring in softball. “That’s what I tried to do. Being the alumni director for two years was a great job that I truly loved. It is a great bunch of guys and girls that went there that graduated from NMMI. Great school and environment!”

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Franklin said that his best recruiting job ever came in 2002 when he convinced his high school classmate, Yvette M. Franklin, to marry him and they moved to Roswell from Houston, Texas. Reggie and Yvette Franklin will be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary this year. They are both retired and living happily in the Houston area.

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