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Letter: Don’t let ‘loud, brash’ minority determine energy policy


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Power outages rolled across our neighboring state of Texas taking a toll of hardships and deaths. In New Mexico we seem to have dodged a bullet on this one. But do you think this dose of reality has provided a wake-up call for our leadership? From all outward appearances our Senate Conservation Committee remains unfazed. This shortsighted mentality is amplified by their recent vote (5-4) (see RDR, Feb. 19, 2021) to continue the financing mechanism that allowed PNM (Public Service Co. of New Mexico) to recover their lost investment in the coal-fired San Juan Generating Plant.

How did PNM recoup this so-called lost investment? The rate-payers get stuck with the bill. It goes like this. Cheap coal-fire and natural gas energy will be phased out and substituted with wind and solar energy with the public getting stiffed for whatever the cost of the conversion. This policy will continue as more and more of our energy comes from so-called renewable sources. Does it matter one wit to these “czars of power” that these sources of energy have serious shortcomings, i.e. the cold snap in Texas?

No, not to worry, after all these self-anointed wizards perceive themselves as saving the planet. Climate change — that old nemesis of mankind is supposedly being held at bay by this cadre of disciples, and the overall public will be required/regulated to participate in their plan. If this plan is flawed these bureaucrats will be held totally unaccountable for any unintended consequences that the general public will endure.

What the public really needs is protection from a political system that all too often fails to take into account the safety and well-being of all their constituents. Elected officials are often quick to respond to a loud, brash, flashy minority that have nothing more in mind than enhancing their own self-centered, grandiose plans.

Think our current energy policies reflect a political style of bumbling? For correlation of this same style of blundering take a look at our education system. It still ranks in the lower percentile in overall performance. Years of more money, political/union tinkering has brought about this current state of chaos. Rightfully so, some of this pathetic situation can be blamed on COVID-19; however, don’t be so quick to overlook the real culprits.

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We cannot let the raucous rallying cry of “climate change” overcome common-sense energy policies. Don’t allow our energy policy to tumble into the same abyss our education system has.

Terry R. Koenig
Lake Arthur

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