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Spring Fling Drive-Thru

Christina Stock Photo The Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico Museum and Archives are closed due to the pandemic, however, appointments for individual tours and researchers are available.

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HSSNM drive-thru fundraiser returns

By Christina Stock

Vision Editor

The board of directors for the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico (HSSNM) invites the public to its Spring Fling Drive-thru Fundraiser.

The popular drive-thru started last year, when it was obvious that the annual HSSNM Heritage Dinner would have to be canceled as an in-person event. Instead, the board came up with a new concept, which would support local restaurants and provide a fun event at the same time.

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Holding this fundraiser supports the rich heritage of the society, including the upkeep of the museum as well as the archives that house documentations and material going back to the early days of Roswell and Chaves County. The successful event was repeated in a charming Christmas drive-thru fundraiser that included outdoor Christmas lighting for the first time.

While Amy McVay Tellez, executive director of HSSNM, said she is happy to see Roswell slowly opening, the board decided to go forward with another of their popular drive-thrus.

“On behalf of the Historical Society, we have been working on fundraising that, whether we’re open or closed, we can continue doing during any circumstances. Our event will proceed as the past ones just because we had such success with this fundraiser for us. One thing is, it’s always good to have a plan A, B and C. With this fundraiser, no matter what’s going on in our state, we’ll proceed forth with this event,” McVay Tellez said.

Participants will need to purchase a ticket at the HSSNM website ahead of the drive-thru event. Pick-up of the ticket will be at HSSNM, 200 N. Lea Ave., afterwards the ticket holders head over to Peppers Grill & Bar, 500 N. Main St., enter parking lot at the east side of building. “We’re not going to have a silent auction,” McVay Tellez said. “We are going to have some fun interesting new concepts. We are also going to have other booths as mini fundraisers, like coming attractions. We are going to be selling books outside and some fun additional fundraisers outside, so they can drive by some of the additional tables before leaving to get their food.

“At the end of the year, and after our Christmas fundraiser, we knew going in to 2021, not knowing how it would look, we all agreed that it would be nice to bring in the new year and looking forward to spring with a spring fling mentality and kind of as a fun way to bring a smile to everybody’s face, looking forward to the weather, and we wanted it just to be a ray of sunshine,” McVay Tellez said.

According to McVay Tellez, there will be live music this time. “Something else we are very excited about is Hot Club on the Pecos will be involved in the events again. We will have them on the museum porch playing live music. It is not the intention of people to pull in and stay at the museum, just for parking purposes our parking gets very full. But it will be live on the radio also.

“Hot Club on the Pecos has been limited on what they can do, just like so many other entertainers and immediately when they heard about the event they embraced it and wanted to be part of it and I really appreciate that. They’ve been so good to us, just to help support. People will be able to roll the windows down and get to hear them while they drive through,” she said.

Additionally, HSSNM has partnered with Roswell Community Kitchen and, until April 11, the day of the Spring Fling Drive-Thru event, they are collecting non-perishable food items. A list can be found on the HSSNM website. “I want the people to realize it is not just a one day drop-off that time. When individuals are out doing their grocery shopping, pick up individual items for the Community Kitchen, drop them off — we want to give them items regularly from now until then,” McVay Tellez said.

This goes together with the society’s pay-it-forward call, hoping that individuals will purchase dinner boxes or dinner bundles to give as a thank you to first responders, helpful individuals or somebody who might not be able to afford to purchase one.

“We understand how hard it is for some individuals to not being able to afford a box or a bundle,” McVay Tellez said, “But we want to remind individuals if they can’t afford a box or a bundle, they can make any type of donation. This is just a fundraiser to continue to help the Historical Society and our operating cost so any donation would be appreciated. For example, we have a couple of people making donations and together with their donations, we were able to pay it forward to some.”

Also new is the pickup time for the dinner, which will be between 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. “When we were talking about the Spring Fling event, it was one of our board members, Jane Anglin, that asked us to consider this as a daytime event. Some of the individuals, maybe they were not comfortable driving at night, didn’t come to the drive-thru. There have been quite a few individuals who have called for tickets already who were excited that it is an afternoon event.

McVay Tellez urges interested individuals to register for their dinner boxes or bundles by March 12, to help out Peppers Grill & Bar to plan the event. “I can’t tell you what a blessing it is to work with Peppers, they’ve embraced the opportunities and are working so hard,” McVay Tellez said.

The box menu includes lemon pepper chicken, rosemary garlic pork tenderloin, rice pilaf, summer vegetable medley, rolls, appetizer and a desert for two. The bundle serves 10 people and includes the special bag, centerpiece and, if requested, delivery.

There are also other ways to support HSSNM, even though the museum and archive is not open at the time. “My office is always open,” McVay Tellez said. “They can call the museum number for additional information, and we also will give private tours or make an appointment for an individual who needs to do research, and we would be honored and thrilled to make an appointment to do research. We encourage individuals who want to be involved at this time. We are doing a lot of activities, we are looking forward to school tours, though they will not be coming to the museum, we want to make sure that students get little backpacks with different things and scholarships. There are many ways for people to get involved in the HSSNM.“

For more information, visit roswellnmhistory.org or call 575-622-8333.

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