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Letter: Anderson’s efforts to reform PERA appreciated


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I am writing to commend Rep. Phelps Anderson for his principled leadership on reforming the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) public pension.

Last year, Representative Anderson was one of the leaders who shepherded an important PERA solvency bill through the legislative process to make sure that New Mexico can keep the promises we are making to state workers and retirees.

This year, Rep. Anderson sponsored House Bill 162, which proposed important governance reforms to PERA. The bill would have required that a majority of the PERA board hold relevant qualifications. Unbelievably, under current law no member of the board is required to have any qualifications, even though they are responsible for overseeing a $17 billion fund for more than 90,000 public workers and retirees. Unfortunately, House Bill 162 failed to pass this year.

Rep. Anderson is a true statesman, and we appreciate his leadership in working to reform public pensions on behalf of New Mexico pensioners and taxpayers.

Fred Nathan Jr.
Founder & Executive Director
Think New Mexico

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