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Letter: Congress should pass the RPM Act, protect race cars


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In case you are not aware, government entities are attempting to extend control far beyond their original intent. The Environmental Protection Agency was established to preserve our clear air and water for our use and future generations; however reasonable common sense was applied when drafting their mandates. Among these were the use of competition vehicles (race cars) for sport, entertainment and even class learning. Now the EPA is considering imposing restrictions on race cars insisting they remain emissions compliant. New legislation is being drafted to oppose this egregious overreach and lack of common sense missing from today’s political scene.

The bipartisan RPM Act protects the right to convert an automobile or motorcycle into a race car used exclusively at the track. Modifying a vehicle into a race car is an integral part of America’s automotive heritage. Many types of racing, including NASCAR, NHRA Drag Racing and others were founded on the premise that street vehicles, including motorcycles, can be converted into dedicated race vehicles.

Racing events are an economic driver for many communities including Roswell and surrounding areas and a source of affordable family-friendly entertainment for millions. Congress never intended for the Clean Air Act (CAA) to apply to motor vehicles modified for competition use only. However, the EPA maintains that CAA requires converted vehicles driven exclusively on the track to remain emissions-compliant. This would place undue burden of cost for the consumer and cost of government management and will hinder any further grassroots growth of these honored American pastimes.

The RPM Act clarifies that transforming motor vehicles into race cars used exclusively for competition does not violate the CAA.

Omar Dominguez

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