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Letter: Even 100% taxation couldn’t fund ‘Left’s deranged schemes’


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Predictably but tragically, the Biden/Harris regime is embarking on a government spending spree, involving huge monetary amounts only tiny fractions of which go to the stated purposes, that will leave the American economy (to whatever extent the country survives this administration at all) crippled for many generations to come.

I’m convinced that there isn’t a soul in D.C. who has the faintest understanding of what the term “trillion” even means. Let a crusty old mathematician give an example.

Suppose you had a trillion dollars in $1,000 dollar bills, and you sat down and started lighting matches and burning up one $1,000 bill every minute, 60 minutes every hour, 24 hours every day, 365.25 days every year.

It would take you 1,901 years, 104 days, 4 hours and 40 minutes to run through your trillion dollars. If you had started in the year 120 A.D., you would just about now be finishing up.

And by the way, you would have done about the same amount of good with that money as the government generally manages to do.

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Every working American could be taxed 100 percent and in the end it wouldn’t pay for all the Left’s deranged schemes.

Donald R. Burleson, Ph.D.

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