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Storytime: The Roswell five unite, part 3


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A science-fiction murder mystery

By Evelyne Martin

What happened before: A mysterious woman achieved to kill the father of 16-year-old Will Martinez and made it look like a hit-and-run accident — it hadn’t been her first attempt. While the family tries to move on, Will struggles with the loss of his father with whom he shared an affinity to tame even the wildest animals. Will Martinez is not alone, his friends Maria and Isa Chavez, and Pierre Guillaune “Frenchy” Jones are worried about him. Why was the father killed? What secrets are hiding behind the surface of the small town of Roswell, New Mexico? Meanwhile, a creature manages to escape from the cellar of the local veterinarian. He is on a mission to find help for his four siblings he left behind.

Will, Maria, her sister Isa and Frenchy were sitting on the steps of Will’s home in silence. Only the noise of cars in the distance could be heard as they were all contemplating the news that Frenchy had shared with them. Frenchy’s father was a cop at the Roswell Police Department and Frenchy found out that the van that had killed Will’s father was found.

Will broke the silence first, “Do you know if they found any clues in the van? Beer bottles, drugs or blood?” He sure hoped that they found blood and that the driver was hurt, hurt as badly as he did after losing his dad.

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“That’s the weird thing,” Frenchy said in a hushed voice, so Will’s family inside couldn’t overhear it. “The van was clean, I mean so clean they didn’t even find a piece of hair, not to mention fingerprints.”

Isa frowned. “Somebody who steals a car for a joyride or to take drugs over the border wouldn’t clean a car. That doesn’t make any sense.”

Maria was busy typing in her phone when she looked up nodding to agree with her little sister’s remarks. She grumbled, “Tom can’t make it — again. He has to do some more overtime in the garage.” Tom Brooks was a year ahead of Maria and had graduated from Roswell High. The five had been friends for a long time. They all had some side-job to earn extra cash, but Tom was the only one with a full-time job at his uncle’s car repair shop. Only Frenchy didn’t work, his parents insisted on him concentrating on his studies — which meant, he never had any money.

Will had gone silent. There was a buzzing noise in his ears. So weird. “Do you guys hear that?” he disrupted Maria’s complaints of Tom never having time for them anymore.

“What?” Frenchy looked around. “What do you mean, Will?”

“I don’t hear anything,” Isa said.

“I hear a buzz, a loud buzz,” Will got up — “It’s coming from there,” he pointed toward one of the rose bushes on the corner of the front yard, and promptly headed that way.

Puzzled the others got up and followed him slowly. When they arrived, Will was on his belly and was reaching underneath the thorny bush. The roses had a dense foliage, but it was still too early for any buds.

Will started humming, reaching deeper into the bush. “Careful, there might be scorpions. You aren’t good with insects, remember?” Maria was bending over to try to see inside the bush.

“Gotcha,” Will pulled whatever he found out of the bush and cradled it right away close to his chest.

“What is it,” Isa whined. “Can I see?”

Will turned toward his friends. “Look, isn’t it cool?”

“Yuck,” Maria wrinkled her little nose. “That is some ugly addition to your growing zoo. What is it?”

Frenchy chuckled and lowering his voice he growled, “Chupacabra.”

Isa giggled and added, “Alien.”

“Bologna, it’s a hairless cat,” Maria said full of confidence. “I’ve never seen one live, but that’s how they look.”

Will looked down on the pinkish and wrinkly critter. “Can’t be a cat, it has no claws, or — how cruel, could somebody have declawed it?” When Will had been helping his dad at the veterinarian clinic, occasionally a cat would be brought in to be declawed. Doc James would give those misguided pet owners an earful of how they would like to have their fingernails and distal phalanges amputated. Usually, they would get glazed eyes five minutes in the tirade, but get the point that it’s like removing their fingertips with the bone.

No. 1 looked up to the tall one who held him. No, he wouldn’t call himself No. 1 anymore. He was Jowen, the oldest Wen. He concentrated, trying to connect with the tall one who was now talking to the other tall ones. He felt so tired. He would try to connect with his tall one after a nap.

“Look,” Will smiled. “He is sleeping and purring. I better get him inside and in a cage.”

Frenchy chuckled “… and another one for the famous Will zoo of weird animals.”

Will pet the naked cat thing, his “weird” animals were what kept him going after losing his dad. He would have to put a classified ad in the paper tomorrow that he found the cat, if it was one. What should he call the critter? Joe? Yes, Joe sounded right. Will said goodnight to his friends and walked inside his home.

To be continued.

Evelyne Martin is originally from Toronto, Canada. As an Army brat, she said she traveled all over the world. In 2004, she finally settled down with her cocker spaniel and several horses on a small ranch between Albuquerque and Jemez Springs. Martin has worked for other authors as a copy editor and as a ghost-writer in England, Ireland and the U.S. This mystery story about five Roswell teenagers was inspired by her visits during the UFO Festival, which she never misses since she moved to New Mexico. For more information, visit her Facebook page @EvelyneMartinAuthor.

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