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Letter: Immigration issue reflects a Biden/Harris problem


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I found agreement with my good friend Bobby Villegas’ letter Friday, especially the second paragraph where he stated that a country should control its borders and an immigrant should try to better his/her life.

The third paragraph addressed the worldwide immigration problem and the fact that it is a humanitarian problem. I agree. We need only look to the Middle East to find minorities slaughtered, their homes and businesses destroyed, and thousands of people in a terrible refugee situation with little or no support for their human needs. In Muslim majority nations foreign aid is distributed to Muslims, and minorities receive very little or none. Those minorities are primarily Christians and Jews.

When Bobby said it’s not a Democrat problem, he’s speaking specifically of our own border to the south of us. It isn’t a Democrat problem, a Republican problem, a Libertarian problem, or a problem of any party. It’s a problem of the Biden-Harris administration because President Biden started writing Executive Orders reversing controls previously in place. By his actions he has played into the hands of the cartels with the attendant (accompanying) problems of drugs, sex trafficking and child abuse.

His closure with the reference to no Democrats involved in the Jan. 6 Washington, D.C. invasion is a red herring. If he’s going to bring up that type of subject, I would submit that those involved in the riots and destruction in several cities during the summer of 2020 were not Republicans.

Dick Bartlett

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