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Letter: ‘Over-the-top restrictions’ have caused widespread damage


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Your coverage of the Freedom Rally on March 20 was very much appreciated. On that same date Freedom Rallies were held around the world to make the statement that, after a year of COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, government restrictions need to be lifted.

Conservative, freedom-loving people gathered to protest the abuse of government control during New Mexico’s lockdown. Between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., approximately 100 people were there to listen to excellent, informative speeches by local and out-of-town guest speakers. The speakers highlighted many of the freedoms and rights that Americans have lost and are losing — the right to life, the right to speak freely, to freely attend church, to travel, to public education, and to participate in sporting events.

After a year, our state is gradually opening up, but because of the damage caused by abuse of power and “over-the-top” restrictions, this opening up is too late for too many people. The loss of jobs, the closing of businesses and schools, limited access to unrelated COVID-19 healthcare, and churches and gyms have had devastating consequences for many — death, suicide, depression, and loss of livelihood.

Those of us who cherish the rights and freedoms bestowed upon us by Almighty God, and who understand the importance of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment, believe that we must not be silenced. We must leave our comfort zones and reject government intrusion. A speaker from Finland shared that her homeland was “silenced” for 40 years because of Soviet control. If we remain complacent, we will be living under a socialistic/communistic government. I am a retired teacher and I know for a fact that our public education system does not emphasize the horrors of communism. The majority of young Americans are being taught a watered-down version of the world’s history and are growing up accepting the subtle, and not so subtle, government intrusion into American life. When I see masks being worn in the open fresh air of a park, I should not be surprised!

Concerned Citizens for NM and Citizens for Life of Chaves County, the organizers of the Freedom Rally, thank all those who attended the event, and give a special thank you to our sheriff for his attendance and encouraging introduction, and to the many who traveled from communities in southeastern New Mexico. Thank you!

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Margaret Rodriguez

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