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Letter: Getting back to Turquoise


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Not surprisingly, cases of COVID-19 in Chaves Country are rising again, and restrictions are once again being imposed on businesses here. The response by many seems to be that these restrictions are being imposed unfairly, “on a whim,” and “What can we possibly do?”

One could certainly argue that the restrictions are not sensible. As for fairness, however, the requirements are applied equally to every county in the state, and many of them are having no trouble remaining in better categories than Chaves County.

As to “What can we do?” — Firstly, we know that masks and social distancing decrease the spread of all respiratory diseases, including COVID, which is why there were so few cases of flu this winter. More importantly, we now have a COVID vaccine which is amazingly effective, safe and free. The overwhelming majority of physicians in Roswell have been vaccinated for this very reason.

Sadly, Chaves County has one of the lower vaccination rates in the state. Quite simply, if the residents of our county hurry up and get vaccinated we can get back to Turquoise and we can all get back to business!

Richard J. Sidd, M.D.

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