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Neighbors on his seniors


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Alexis Ramirez: “She came off the bench for us and was just a great teammate. Probably the first one off the bench for us when we called time out. She was the epitome of our program and a great encourager. She played an important part in practice and showed that everybody is important. She gave us good looks in practice and when she did get in the game, she knew her job and what to do.”

Sarah and Emily Mathison: “Busted their tail in the offseason to get in shape. I hate to put them in the same stead, but they held each other accountable and pushed each other to get in shape. They both played huge minutes for us down low and came up with big rebounds for us. They did an amazing job for us. All four of the seniors were so positive for us this season.”

Tanya Ueland: “She’s been a three-year varsity kid. She’s played in The Pit with us. You talk about a positive attitude and an energizer. Her game has improved over the last three years. All of our seniors have been so positive for us and contributed to Goddard basketball. If this is their last game, what a way for them to go out. I’m so proud of them.”

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