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Charlie’s Angels looking to complete the comeback

The Charlie’s Angels Dance Team won their third National Championship trophy in five years in 2020. (Daily Record File Photo)

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Charlie’s Angels would like to forget 2019. In the Pit, the Angels’ home away from home and where they have dominated the competition for years, there was silence and a pause that fell over the packed crowd. Teams were hoping and wishing that this was the year, they would be the team to dethrone the Angels.

As the public address announcer announced teams placing in order a gigantic cheer was heard all around the arena when the PA announcer said the new 5A champion was Atrisco Heritage. Stunned to silence. The Angels stood frozen in time like a statue. Their world stopped and the 23 girls on the dance team could not believe what they were hearing. Maybe they could lose at nationals, but not a home. Not in New Mexico, where they have won 12 state titles.

Shock gave way to tears, disbelief, and then anger, because there was a feeling among many that the best team did not win. No matter how the Angels felt, it would go down in the New Mexico Activities Association history books as Atrisco Heritage winning the state title.

For the seniors on that team, they have to live with the loss. They can never get a redo and have another chance to win. It was that night that the Angels plotted their comeback to get back to the top of the dance world in high school.

For Angels coaches Kim Castro and Silvia Hernandez, the significance of winning made them reexamine everything — from the way they practiced, to the girls they would put on their team. The attitude would be paramount in the new edition of the Angels.

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The motto was “The comeback is better than the setback.” The Angels came back with a hunger not seen before in any dance team. No matter how many times a move was practiced, it was not enough. If the slightest kick was a second behind Castro would spend hours at home watching tape.

Hernandez made sure everything lined up on the uniforms and the small things that people take for granted were right and tight.

Both coaches knew the only way to get back to being No. 1 was to get back to basics in every area they could control. It was that attention to detail that proved to be what the team needed. Roswell won the POM competition in the National Dance Alliance in 2020 for the third time in five years. They captured half of their goal in getting their titles back. All that remained was to win state.

Then when it all came crashing down. All of their hard work was for naught. Life happened and the COVID-19 pandemic hit, ending their 2020 season. Atrisco Heritage is still the reigning champion going into the 2021 season. The Angels will have to beat 17 teams to win back their crown.

“It was a real bummer,” Castro said. “It’s been a rough year. We’ve only had five performances. We haven’t performed as much as we normally do. I know what we are capable of doing. We are not focused on any team, we are focused on what we can do and doing it right.”

Castro said it has been two years since her team has competed at state. The good news is they are healthy and no one is injured. She told the six seniors from last team that she was saddened for them. But they have a lot to be thankful for and they won nationals.

For the Angels, it will have been two years since they have competed and were crowned champions. For a little while, it looked like there would be no competition this year. At least not in person. Suddenly, tickets are being sold and fans are able to attend events on Friday and Saturday.

“I want to thank everyone that supports us and believes in us,” Castro said. “We are moving forward and not looking back. We are ready as we are going to be. Our six seniors are ready, and the girls will be ready as well. We haven’t won a title in a couple of years and we’re ready.”

The Angels will perform Jazz at 1 p.m., and POM at 3:30 p.m.

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