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Researcher talks UFO crashes, biohazard issues

UFO researcher Donald Burleson speaks to an audience Friday at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. (Alex Ross Photo)

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Researcher and author Donald Burleson argues that biological pathogens carried by extraterrestrials resulted in the deaths of members of UFO recovery teams, including in the famous 1947 Roswell incident.

Burleson, New Mexico state director of the Mutual UFO Network, during a lecture Friday at the International UFO Museum and Research Center, cited works from other researchers in discussing such incidents — including one he said could have triggered a global pandemic that would have made COVID-19 look like “a walk in the park.”

Typically physics is the science people most closely associate with UFO crashes, Burleson said, but there is a biological component that many overlook, including in his own field.

“Somehow it is easy to assume that you can just walk up, grab the bodies and stick’ em in a bag or something, but I would be a little careful about doing it,” Burleson said in reference to the retrieval of alien bodies from crashed UFOs.

He said one example of this happened in the Roswell incident, when a rancher in July 1947 saw what some believe was a UFO that crashed.

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Burleson said four technicians involved in the recovery of the downed craft died mysteriously soon after handling the craft. He said the four technicians abruptly experienced seizures, bleeding and other symptoms of hemorrhagic fever. All four, he said, were taken to the research laboratory in Los Alamos for observation and died.

Burleson said documents from MJ-12 — a government team assembled after the Roswell incident and referenced in UFO researcher Robert M. Wood’s book “Alien Viruses: Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 & Biowarfare” — show that as early as the late 1940s scientists were likely performing research on the body tissue of aliens.

He said a report from MJ-12 released in 1951 and referenced in Wood’s book talked about viruses and bacteria found in the bodies of aliens so lethal they could launch medical science into whole new fields of biology and possibly biological warfare.

“Can you imagine using something like this, trying to control it after you released it?” Burleson asked the audience.

Burleson’s talk though focused heavily on one alleged incident, in which he said a UFO crash very likely could have resulted in a deadly pandemic. He cites the book by UFO researchers Noe Torres and Ruben Uriarte.

The book explores what is speculated to have been an Aug. 25, 1974 collision between a commercial airliner and a UFO just south of the U.S.-Mexico border that landed in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

The basis of the book and what little is known about the alleged incident comes from a 1992 report with data assembled by what Burleson described as a network of government insiders whose findings were subsequently leaked to UFO researchers.

U.S authorities, Torres and Uriarte say, tried to access the craft and the airliner but Mexican officials declined to grant them permission. Instead, Mexican officials assembled a recovery team to retrieve the plane and the UFO, which were placed on flatbed trucks.

Burleson said Torres and Uriarte state the CIA then flew a clandestine mission in Mexican air space, with the intent to monitor the convoy, which was traveling south. However, CIA officials, when they encountered the convoy, found it had come to a halt with all members of the Mexican recovery team dead from what is believed to have either been a chemical leak or biological agent.

Burleson said he believes a U.S. Team took the UFO wreckage to Atlanta because that is where the Centers For Disease Control Level 4 Lab is located. He added that facility is one of the few places that had the capability to deal with a biohazard and keep it secret. He said the U.S. response was necessary and very well could have spared the world from a deadly pandemic.

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