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Letter: Despite mosquito-control efforts, ‘bugs are winning the war’


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Thanks for Juno Ogle’s RDR excellent report on mosquito control in Chaves County. The infestation has become notably worse over the last three years in the Historical District. I suspect this is true for the rest of town. If true, I urge others to speak up.

Folks used to be able to sit outside at this time of year without being swarmed. These days, the choice is to spray yourself with malodorous mosquito repellent, a marginal proposition at best, or come in after even a brief outing with many bites, or stay indoors. The bugs are winning the war.

As the RDR reports, the county accepts responsibility for vector control and, encouragingly, the city is offering to work on the problem as well. The county does try hard with the resources and technology they have, we hear vector control passing by weekly early in the morning and appreciate the effort.

Years ago, New Mexico State University Extension Service research identified the Spring River Corridor, spanning the center of Roswell, as a heavily infested area. The NMSU research indicates the bugs have become resistant to current control methods and applications. The county has attempted to work with NMSU but, in spite of all good intentions and efforts, it just isn’t producing results. This outcome degrades the quality of life in our community for everyone.

This is a community problem beyond what you or I can individually address, although we all need to try. The county and city are urged to recognize and elevate the need to take this community problem seriously, seek new technology and solutions to produce positive results for everyone.

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Jim Manatt

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