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Justin Case Jeter


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Justin Case Jeter passed away suddenly on July 11, 2021 in Antigo, Wisconsin at the age of 31.

Justin was born on March 20, 1990 in Roswell, New Mexico to Charles Jeter and Theresa Cochran.

Justin Case Jeter was so named because his mother was sure she was having a girl and had names picked out. His father said she better have a boy’s name picked out “just in case”, so Justin Case Jeter was named.

At 3 years old Justin was diagnosed with a brain tumor and after 11 operations over the next year, he developed a severe cranial infection which left him unable to walk or speak. He had to relearn these skills. Justin overcame these setbacks and was ready to start the first grade. Justin and family were members of the Roswell Baptist Temple and the congregation supported Justin and the family during this time. He attended elementary school in Roswell until his mother remarried and their family moved to Wisconsin.

Justin returned to Roswell in 2003 to live with his father and Evelyn, and he enrolled in Goddard High School.

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Justin was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan but his father forgave him. The family was split: dad was a die-hard Cowboy’s fan and Evelyn backed the 49ers, but it was all in good fun.

A more onion-hating child you could not find. Justin would eat red peppers, habaneros and green chiles but tasting an onion would send him into shock!

Justin enjoyed going to the gun range, where he was a good marksman even though he shot left handed and with the wrong eye closed. Regardless, he hit what he was aiming at.

Justin joined Bethel Baptist Church in 2003 and was a proud member of the youth group. Some of the best times of his young life were spent with the “pack” with Hollis (Chip) Boardman leading it. From missionary work in south Texas to playing church league softball or teaching a vacation bible school class, it was a very special time for him as he cared about and liked all the members and he truly felt welcome there.

Justin’s adult life was spent living in Roswell and Antigo, Wisconsin. When his son Charley was born in Antigo it was a very proud day in Justin’s life and he loved Charley dearly. Justin moved back to Roswell for the last time in September, 2017.

Justin loved music, singing, listening and writing lyrics. He walked about five miles a day listening to his “tunes”. Even after a day’s work he would still do his walk and usually meet up with Amanda, his best friend since high school, just to hang out and talk. She was always there to support him.

Justin was self-employed doing contract labor. He might be cutting and splitting wood in the morning and painting a house in the afternoon. He liked the diversity. When COVID came Justin continued to work but as it got worse, work slowed to nothing. His gym was closed and he had to alter most of his activities.

In August of 2020 Justin decided to move back to Antigo. He missed his son and was worried that the child might catch COVID. When he got to Antigo, he found COVID was much worse than he expected: nothing was open, banks, doctor’s offices, social services, etc. When Justin tried to see Charley, the child’s mother refused visitation, citing COVID as the reason. Justin took this hard, but as optimistic as he was he said “well, COVID can’t last forever.” Sadly, COVID outlasted Justin.

Justin had a lot more friends than he thought and when he would meet a new one, he would tell them “you don’t know my whole story. This is just the chapter you came in on.”

Justin was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents Louis Wesley and Virgie M. Jeter and maternal grandparents Dolores and Albert Alexander, Sr.

Justin is survived by his son, Charley of Merrill, Wisconsin, father Charles (Evelyn) of Roswell, mother Theresa Winnen (Gary) of Antigo, Wisconsin; brothers Jon Jeter, Jeff Jeter and Andy Cochran; sister Elizabeth Laurel of Dayton, Ohio; Uncle Wesley and Aunt Peggy Jeter and cousins Aaron and Meg Jeter of Phoenix, Arizona; Aunt Melissa Bezouche and family of Roswell; Uncle Albert Alexander and family; Uncle Brig Tuttle of Capitan, NM and many other aunts, uncles, nieces and cousins.

A memorial service is scheduled at Bethel Baptist Church, 2420 N Garden, Roswell, NM on Saturday, August 7, 2021 at 1:30 pm, Hollis “Chip” Boardman will be officiating.

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