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Pressing concerns as kids return to school


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I am a retired school teacher who has worked in numerous countries since 1957. I have taught in a variety of schools and classrooms in grades K-12 and I have enjoyed my many years of teaching. Since my retirement from the RISD in 2002, I have continued to work as a substitute teacher.

However, when I returned to the classroom this Spring after the yearlong shutdown, I became very concerned about the well-being of the students. The classroom atmosphere was so different from that in 2019. I believe the mask wearing and constant usage of Chromebooks to be non-beneficial to the learning process. I was especially disturbed by the obvious compliance of the students — their behavior being almost robotic.

Many teachers with whom I shared my feelings felt the same concern. Very little verbal exchange took place as instructions were on the chromebooks. Although I commend the students for their good behavior and acceptance of this format of education, I pray that this will not continue in the fall. I believe that each school district is autonomous and my hope is that the RISD will choose to not follow our governor’s wishes that masks be worn again in the public schools.

A more pressing concern has now arisen, the new Critical Race Theory curriculum. I have faith in the caring, hardworking teachers, that they and parents will not accept this curriculum which is very inappropriate for elementary and secondary school students. I also trust that Roswell’s local school board will exercise the district’s right to autonomy and completely reject this harmful curriculum.

Our young people deserve a solid and basic education, one that is not heavily influenced with the many troubling social issues of the day. In my humble opinion, the curriculum should present facts and not some “expert’s” opinions. Thank you for allowing me to express my personal opinion about what is taking place in the academic world.

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In conclusion, I publicly thank all the wonderful and hardworking teachers who strive to help their students to grow up to be responsible, well-informed citizens who love this amazing country.

Margaret Rodriguez

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