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Save court fights for ‘when lives are not on the line’


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In today’s RDR (Sept. 5) Larry Marker is quoted, “citizens of New Mexico believe … that the courts need to decide it,” referring to a request for a grand jury to investigate whether the governor violated the constitution with her handling of the Covid pandemic.

He definitely does not speak for me, nor does he speak for a large number of other New Mexico citizens who appreciate the measures taken by Gov. Lujan Grisham and Secretary Scrase to keep us safe and healthy as possible.

Maybe his problem is that the lockdown, mask mandates and business cleanliness mandates were enacted by the executive branch. I would like to point out that you simply cannot manage an emergency by committee. Someone must make swift decisions, based on facts available at the time and with guidance — in this case, from the federal government through the CDC and FDA. That is what our governor did. When it became feasible, she did call a special session of the Legislature. Did he miss that?

The only people angry enough over being kept safe to take the governor to court are either ignorant of how disease spreads (and the measures necessary to prevent it) or are too self-involved to care what happens to people around them. Possibly both. Maybe counseling (via telemedicine of course) would help them cope with their anger and help them see that it benefits them to be cooperative members of the community. A grand jury can’t do that.

Requesting a grand jury to investigate what has already been judged to be legitimate actions on the part of the governor is requesting to waste taxpayer money on a useless bureaucratic circus. There are better ways to spend tax dollars.

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We all suffered — and are still suffering — through the pandemic. Some of us are being more cooperative than others with the behavior changes necessary to protect our community. Distancing, masks and vaccines are all necessary for us to beat this thing. Instead of court proceedings, I encourage all New Mexicans to follow health guidelines so we can defeat this virus. While our case numbers are high, while we have so many people hospitalized and dying, please wear a mask in all public places, stay as far away from others as possible, and get vaccinated! Let’s work together. Save grand jury court fights for when lives are not on the line.

Flo Wells

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