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Letter: Revisiting 2015 article in The Federalist: “The Insane Vaccine Debate”


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Before we spend taxpayers’ money on a citizens group hauling the governor before a grand jury, know this: There is an article being circulated on Twitter’s platform supporting government mandated vaccines. They don’t appear to be far off from the arguments being made in 2021 by the “crazy, socialist, liberal, communists” who want to lead you to “rack and ruin by taking your rights away” from you. What a misery to live in a thoughtful, kind and community-oriented society.

“Vaccination is not about protecting the vaccinated so much as it is about protecting others from disease-carriers.”

“Vaccines are properly understood not on the basis of narrow self-interest but as a defense of the human species.”

“Fundamentally, the protection against life-threatening plague is one of the original reasons government exists.”

“We have had mandatory vaccines for schoolchildren in America since before the Emancipation Proclamation.”

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“The Supreme Court has upheld that practice as constitutional for over a century, and only the political fringes believe there ought to be a debate about such matters.”

Here I paraphrase the argument from the same article: Perhaps you shouldn’t be compelled to vaccinate yourself or your child, but neither should the rest of us be compelled to pretend like you did. The decision whether to vaccinate is yours, but there must be trade-offs for this decision. If you choose not to vaccinate, then private and public institutions should be able to discriminate on that basis. The balance of liberty and autonomy here is important and right now the autonomy of the unvaccinated is trumping the autonomy of those they put at risk.

And so, it may be of interest to discover all these statements and arguments were written Feb. 3, 2015 in an article called “The Insane Vaccine Debate” published in TheFederalist.com, written by their publisher, Ben Domenech. (A conservative publication for those not in the know.) Also on that same day, Mr. Domenech gave an interview for a CBS TV station, in Philadelphia, and said “We are experiencing the death of experts. Our country lacks the ability to publicly shame parents for making bad choices and they are no longer permitted to be ridiculed.”

Flash forward to today’s extreme parents threatening harm to school boards, or shooting and all manner of uncivilized threats and discourse.

Shame is gone but so is dignity, integrity and character of the American people.

Sarah McArthur

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