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Malone hopes to serve taxpayers, parents on school board

Guy Malone is running for the District 5 seat on the RISD School Board. (Juno Ogle Photo)

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He served people for years at a local restaurant, but now Guy Malone is hoping to serve the community in another capacity on the school board of Roswell Independent School District.

A transplant from Nashville, Tennessee, about 20 years ago, Malone worked as a server and trainer at Cattle Baron, 1113 N. Main St., for about 16 years.

“I feel like if most people think they know my name or they know my face, it’ll be from the years I worked at Cattle Baron,” he said in an interview with the Roswell Daily Record.

He’s also known as a lecturer during the UFO Festival. “Some will know me as the guy with the man-made view of the Roswell crash,” he said. His talks offered the theory that the alleged 1947 crash was a U.S. experimental aircraft based on German scientists’ designs.

More recently, some might recognize him from his work with Roswell Community Little Theater over the last year, both as a board member and on stage. Malone said he was helping the group with distributing flyers for their productions when he was asked to be on the Theater’s board.

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“And then I got roped into a little bit of acting, committed to a tiny, tiny role. And after that tiny role, it turns out I was pretty good at it,” he said.

He’s in rehearsals for a larger role in the group’s October production, “Unnecessary Farce,” but he said that should he be elected to the RISD board, he would likely have to sit out future productions.

“I know I would have to give at least that up, the stage act side, to do a good job on the school board,” he said.

Malone said he is detail-oriented, one reason why he was a trainer at the restaurant and now works from home as a copy editor for Bitcoin Magazine.

Malone said, if elected, he would be an advocate on the board for the taxpayers and parents.

“I don’t have children of my own or an agenda that way, but I’ve been looking to serve the community in politics in some way,” he said.

A friend suggested he watch the video of the Aug. 10 RISD school board meeting. That night, the board passed a resolution asking the New Mexico Public Education Department to reconsider is mandates on face masks and give local school boards autonomy on making decisions on mask requirements. The resolution passed with three voting in favor, one voting no and one abstaining.

A large number of community members attended the meeting, with most speaking in favor of taking a strong stand against the state’s mandate.

“Two of the members of the school board did not vote in favor of what the vast majority of the parents were implying, begging, demanded them to do,” Malone said. “That gave the clear impression that someone, or more people need to be there to actually listen to the parents, and there as representatives of the people, not of the state, not of the government or anything like that,” Malone said.

“I don’t know that world very well,” he said of the school board, “but I’m a firm believer in government is there to represent the people.” 

But, Malone said, he is not just a one-issue candidate. He also would like to see an upgrade in the curriculum offered in RISD schools.

“Nobody’s happy with our ranking in the nation, 50th in the nation” in education, he said. “I think the curriculum should definitely be updated.”

One area that high schools in particular should address, he said, is financial literacy.

“I think kids need to be taught the basics of a checking account, the truth about what credit cards are, the mess they can get you in, and especially where we live, payday loan places,” he said.

He said he’d also like to see an emphasis on trade skills.

“Not all kids are going to go to college. A college degree might even be less and less in demand or required than actual skills, trades, apprenticeships. If they can be introduced to those opportunities at the high-school level, I’d like to dig into that,” he said.

Malone said he would also work to ensure the board’s work is known by the parents so they can become involved.

“I want the parents to have a little bit of a role. If there’s ever any debate over whether something should or shouldn’t be brought into the school curriculum, I think all those changes, anything new needs to be clearly communicated to the parents so that they can have their say,” he said.

“Local issues should always be solved by local people. I want the parents to have as much say as they want to have, and if they’re quiet, at least the issues need to be communicated to them clearly,” he said.

School board elections are nonpartisan. Guy Malone is running for the District 5 seat against incumbent James Edwards.

District 5 is predominantly east of Main Street to the South Spring River and south of Second Street/U.S. 380 to East McGaffey Street, follows Old Dexter Highway southeast to Cottonwood Lane and then northeast north of County Road 234. It also includes small sections north of East Second and south of West Second.    

Seats representing Districts 1 and 3 are also up for election this year.

Election Day is Nov. 2 and early voting starts Oct. 5.

City/RISD reporter Juno Ogle can be reached at 575-622-7710, ext. 205, or reporter04@rdrnews.com.

To keep up with coverage of this and other elections of local and regional interest, go to rdrnews.com/category/news/elections/.

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