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Local centenarian feels she has been blessed

Betty J. Miller (Submitted Photo)

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By Curtis Michaels
Special to the Daily Record

Betty J. Miller and her husband moved to Roswell three years into their marriage in 1945. He had taken a job with the New Mexico Military Institute as a mathematics instructor. She took a job with the local Sears store. They raised their six children here.

“My husband and our children are the most important part of my life,” Miller said. “I’ve lost three children, a daughter, and two sons. I’m not happy about that. Parents should go first. I have three sons left, and all my children have made me proud.”

Mrs. Miller met her husband in 1942. She was a telephone operator in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He worked at Wentworth Military Academy in Lexington, Missouri. “He asked me for a dinner date, and I accepted,” she said. She has 12 grandchildren and many great-grandchildren. “I hear from them often,” she said. “They live busy lives, but they stay in touch. They all make me proud. They all know that I love them very much, and I know they love me.”

Mrs. Miller retired from Sears as a division manager in 1984 to care for her husband. “He died three months after I retired,” she said. “I’ve never known anybody like him. He was a strong influence on our children. Two of our sons are CPAs and one was a banker.”

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Mrs. Miller is an accomplished artist. She has pictures of scenes and still-life paintings hanging in her room as a testament to her talent. To keep her mind sharp she works the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. “My son sent me a book of crossword puzzles, for when I run out of newspaper puzzles,” she said. “I’m grateful that I have a good mind for a 100-year-old. I also use my computer a lot. I keep in touch with friends on it mostly. I’ve had a computer for more than 20 years. I love looking at images from all over the world on my computer too.”

One of her sons helps when when decisions are required. “He is retired,” she said, “but he helps people make solid financial decisions. He supports me when I need to make decisions. I don’t have to make so many now. I’m very happy here. They care about us and make sure we can do as much of what we want as possible.”

Coming upon her hundredth birthday is really no surprise to Mrs. Miller. “I come from long-lived people,” she said. “My mom and dad lived to age 95, and one of my sisters lived to the age of 96, so there’s a strong expectation that’ll continue. I keep telling the boys that I still have a long way to go and I hope that they live long and happy and fulfilled lives.”

She misses one aspect of her previous life. “I wish I could go to church,” she said. “I don’t have anybody to take me, but we have church here. I go to these services as much as I can. I’m a member of First Presbyterian Church. They send me their program every week.”

Betty J. Miller feels blessed in her long life. She knows it’s happened as it has for a purpose that’s bigger than she is. She said there was one thing she wants everybody to know most of all. “I want everybody to know that there is a God and he watches over us,” she said. “He helps us. Talk to him. Talk to God and he will hear and understand. God has brought me a lot of comfort over the years.”

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