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Letter: ‘Official’ complainers should grow up, wear a mask


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I wonder if it isn’t reaching the point when the public has had enough of the ranting of some public officials over vaccines and wearing masks. Last week we were advised that the death toll resulting from COVID-19 infections has now reached the number of 675,000 people in our United States. This is the same number of deaths as from the famous flu pandemic of 1918, up to now the world’s worst. Is this information important enough for all of us folks to pay attention to the recommendations of the medical personnel?

These “official” complainers haven’t grown up and learned to listen to those who know what they’re talking about. They should be on their knees, thanking the Holy Father for providing a vaccine to protect them and their families from this terrible disease, and showing their care and concern for others by wearing a simple mask!

Col. William Briney, MD, retired

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