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Letter: Biden is showing himself to be worst president ever


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Current events should be, but probably are not, enough to convince even diehard Biden regime enthusiasts that this pathetic excuse for a president has done humankind unforgivable disservices. He has placed Afghanistan back in the hands of a barbaric gang of religious-fanatic thugs who practice punitive limb amputations and unrestrained brutality toward women — women whose human rights leftists falsely claim to support. The change in Afghan leadership clearly is a step backward for humankind, and puts our own national security at risk.

Then there is the appalling border crisis, 100 percent Biden’s deliberate creation. Rest assured that the outrageous influx of disease and drug trafficking and other crime will in no way affect Biden or his cronies, who couldn’t care less about the effect on honest, working American citizens.

I could do Biden a favor by attributing his numerous policy blunders and misdeeds simply to stupidity, but the truth may be far uglier than that. Either he really is dumb enough not to understand the harm he’s doing to our country, or perverse enough consciously to choose to do such harm. Take your pick. Either way, despite all the left-leaning media’s dissembling and evasion in attempts to hide his ineptness, he continues to show himself to be the worst president in American history.

Donald R. Burleson

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