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LOOKING UP: Are UFOs a threat to humankind?

Donald Burleson

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By Donald Burleson

Starting with the classic 1953 film “The War of the Worlds,” showing Martians decimating Earth with their death rays, and likewise for a prolific series of other alien invasion movies since, the cinematographic take on extraterrestrials has been, with rare exception, that they’re intent upon destroying humankind and taking possession of the planet. The common motivation given by film writers is that the invaders’ planet is dying and they need a new home.

Happily one notices that none of this has ever happened. So far, we humans have proven more likely to destroy each other than to be done in by visitors from space.

When writing about such matters as this, and when tempted to say that UFO pilots may not want to harm us, I’m aware that using words like “want,” as if one could discuss alien inclinations in terms of human psychology is a risky business, given that extraterrestrials may well be temperamentally and cerebrally as different from us as we are different from earthworms. Still we have to assume they make decisions in some fashion, since, after all, they’re in our skies.

Unfortunately, what we know about UFOs is pretty meager, despite the brash pronouncements of fringe groups who claim to know things about these objects that in reality nobody has any legitimate way of knowing, such as where they come from and why they’re here.

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The one thing we know with confidence is that UFOs represent an advanced technology. This much is evident from watching them do things in the air that are quite beyond our own aeronautic capabilities, such as being detected by radar as making 90-degree turns at thousands of miles per hour, for example.

Why is this important, in pondering the question of whether they pose a threat to us? It’s important because their sophisticated technology makes it pretty obvious that, if their mission were to eradicate humankind and take over Earth, in the usual manner of science fiction movies, they could long since have done so.

Another consideration is that conceivably UFO crews could be time travelers from our own distant future, rather than arrivals from outer space. There is nothing either in the theory of relativity or in quantum theory that precludes the possibility of time travel as a scientific reality, so this alternative view of UFOs is hard to dismiss.

And, if our visitors in the skies did turn out to be time travelers, that strongly suggests they also could be what the human race is in the process of evolving into over the next few million years. This would provide another slant on the question of their intention to destroy us, as they might well be little inclined to do away with their many-times-great grandmas and grandpas.

I may appear to be unduly optimistic on the subject, but, overall, despite the fact that UFOs have been seen doing some disconcerting things on occasion, I venture to say that they don’t appear to be a threatening presence.

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